Suvorov Business Consulting
If I had an hour to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.
— Albert Einstein

What we do

Established in 2009, for over decade we've been providing knowledge, experience, capability and necessary toolset in principal business management functions helping our clients to address their most challenging strategic problems and undertakings.
Strategic Business Management
Best Practices

Our Vision

We see every business as an implementation of a vision for advanced standards of living of tomorrow and comprehensive prosperity. And as the businesses develop and scale up, so do headwinds and organization management challenges that result in frustrating underperformance.

At SBC we believe that private and public organizations should have ready friction-free access to management expertise in order to ensure superb and efficient performance of their business, to develop and advance it and to timely effect response to abrupt challenges in dynamic conditions of ever-changing world.

This service enables fast and effecient achievement of objectives, abudance and prosperity for all.

Our Values

Values at SBC are fundamental principles that define the way we conduct business.
We take active and proactive measure to ensure integrity of the business, brand, reputation and trust of our customers.
Business relationships with customers, suppliers and partners are governed on the grounds of mutual respect and values being delivered.
We strive to excel in services delivered by performing continuous knowledge expansion, technology investments and expertise acquisition.

Our Locations

We are headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic.

Czech Republic is a Central European country that enjoys government-supported healthy investment climate and stable economic growth.

Thanks to its location this country offers great opportunities for all sorts of activities: from mountain hiking to exploration of its well-preserved cultural heritage.

This makes Czech Republic an attractive destination for business and leisure as well as great place for work and living for many talented people around the world.

Global Reach

Agile and flexible mobility is one of our main value propositions for customers.

We leverage government of Czech Republic effort in establishing and maintaining good diplomatic relationships with most of developed countries which allows us to quickly deploy our task forces on customers' sites around the world.