Digital Transformation

Achieve More With Less Faster!

Digital Transformation is on the agenda of almost all Fortune 1000 companies.

Throughout implementation of digital solutions helps to secure and advance market share by delivering better products and services to customers at lower costs.

Organizations have to quickly explore and adopt a wide range of complex technologies, while high demand for STEM professionals in turn drives costs of the transformation.

Digital Transformation with SBC

At SBC we leverage demand and currency exchange discrepancies in order to provide an efficient solution for digital transformation without spinning out of control costs and compromise on deliverables.

Thanks to our streamlined business processes we are able to deliver services at 50% to 80% lower price.

Embracing Technology

We provide a wide range of services to completely cover current and upcoming agenda for Digital Transformation:

Ways of Working

Custom Software Shop
Complete outsourcing of entire SDLC with specific terms of delivery

Hybrid Partnership
Sourcing and engagement of developers, scrum masters, devops and other key resources for your projects.

On-Demand Support
Engagements for shorter periods of time on short notice in order to help our customers to meet critical business timelines or financially challenging periods.

Technology Stack

We cover most modern and popular technologies.

Programming Languages


Product End-of-Life Support

Reduce costs of maintenance for legacy products and services at the end of lifecycle without compromise on quality.

Strengthen Your Core Team

Let your core team focus on critical functionality and SBC act as a bullpen team that can quickly step in and provide support during unexpected drops and shortages of capacity.

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